Summer Plans


Hey, y’all! Between visiting with family, traveling back and forth to Chicago, and my graduating from college, Marie and I haven’t exactly had time to post lately. However, the advent of summer brings more free time (which translates into more writing time!) so you should be hearing from us more often.


Like I said, I just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in music education, and I just got a job teaching piano at a local music school near where my parents live. I’m not sure about my long-term plans at the moment, but I know God will show me what to do eventually. This summer, I will be working on the majority of the 4th draft of Poisoned, fixing many of the errors that were spotted by our helpful beta readers after the last round of editing. I have a few ideas for some really fun fanfiction that I may work on as well. Also, I will be working on composing/arranging some pieces for orchestra that I’ve had in my head for a while.


Marie is leaving in a few days to go work as a camp cook for a few months, so you may not be hearing from her much. However, she will be writing some new scenes for the 4th draft of Poisoned and possibly starting on some scenes for Tuned (book 2). We had originally planned to self-publish Poisoned in October of this year, but due to circumstances, we will not be able to do that. However, we are planning on submitting the manuscript to some publishers/agents after we complete the 4th draft.

What are some of your summer plans, fellow writers and readers?



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