I have a confession to make.


I…I judge books by their covers. Well, by their fans, too, if I’m being completely honest.

Generally, my opinion is justified, but recently I found that I was mistaken on one account: The Hunger Games series…

I didn’t exactly appreciate what I knew about the content–children killing other children for the sake of food and the entertainment of the country. I thought Katniss was going to be too irritating or unlikable, Peeta was going to be too soft, or the love triangle was going to be too infuriating. But, it was on my reading list and Suzanne suggested that I read it based solely for examining Suzanne Collins’ writing technique. So I did, I was pleasantly surprised.

Suzanne Collins is a master of the written word, I was engrossed in her method of story telling.  So, even if I (at first) did not want to like the characters or the story, she had me hooked on it.  And then I became  invested in the characters and the story.

I will say, Katniss is cold and bitter, but seriously, it is understandable.  District 12 is not exactly the nicest place to live, she lost her father at a young age, and her mother was mentally non-existent for a majority of her childhood, which forced Katniss to grow up early and take care of her mother and her sister.  Then, on top of all that, she participates in the Hunger Games.

Peeta was really sweet, though not as sweet as I had heard of him being before I read the books.  He was good for Katniss, being there for her when the nightmares came and in the arena.  As for the love triangle, yes it was there, but I didn’t think it was too infuriating. I didn’t think it was much of a contest between Gale and Peeta.

Yes, the story is about children killing children, but it is more than that.  It shows the warped politics and philosophies behind the Capitol and President Snow’s reasons for even having the Hunger Games.  It shows that even the smallest spark of an act of defiance can start the fire of rebellion.

TL;DR?  The Hunger Games was awesome, and always read a book before you judge it.

I’m not saying that I will completely stop making up my mind about a book before I read it.  I like to think I have good taste when it comes to books and can tell when a book is going to be good or not.  I’m just saying, trust your judgement, and don’t “like” a book/movie/TV show/whatever because it is popular.

If you like something that is popular, great!  Good for you!

And if you don’t, great!  Good for you!

Basically, know your own mind, and don’t be afraid to like what you like.



One thought on “I have a confession to make.

  1. I have never liked these books, or characters, but I do like her technique of simple writing. That’s the format I’ve adopted for my books at present — make it about the plot and characters, not the prose.

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