New developments!

This is the full map of Thíortha that I drew some time ago.

This is the full map of Thíortha that I drew some time ago.

Suzanne and I got to talking this week and we have some new developments for the Thíortha Chronicles that we are very excited about! Some things (like plot points) we cannot discuss yet unfortunately (you know, “Spoilers!”), so I’ll focus mainly on the other things.

1. The Thíortha Chronicles

We have decided to split them into two separate series, but they will still collectively be called the Thíortha Chronicles. Bloodlines and Battlelines are the tentative titles of the two separate series as of right now. The reason we decided to split the 10-book series down to two complimentary series  is so that we could focus on the two main story arcs that run through our stories.

?????2. Battlelines

Battlelines will include Poisoned, Tuned, Cursed, Locked, and Rejected. Even though Battlelines chronologically happens after Bloodlines, we have decided to complete Battlelines first. The reason for this is that we are already pretty much done with Poisoned and we’ve got a good start on Cursed, so it makes the most sense to continue on with Battlelines.

?????????3. Bloodlines

Bloodlines will include Bejeweled, Hunted, Enchanted, Manipulated, and Boarded. These five novels are all still in the planning stages at this time. We’re excited to begin working more on fleshing out their overall story arc and individual plots, whenever that may be.



4. Poisoned, Locked, and Rejected

Poisoned has quite a lot of things that Suzanne and I need to work on, and I’m itching to make the much-needed improvements to the plot. We had a good talk yesterday about some finer points that we were a bit unsure on, and I must say, things are definitely improving. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish the first draft of Cursed soon so we can get back to Poisoned.

Locked was one of our more under-developed story lines, until now. We’re still working some things out, but it is going to be good. We’re very excited for it’s future progress.

photo_1501_20060430Rejected is kind of my (Marie’s) baby. It is inspired by my favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast,  so when Suzanne brought me in as a co-author and we began developing the series, I had to come up with a story line that would work in the Thíortha Chronicles. Unfortunately, I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words all the time occasionally so it was difficult to get my vision across to Suzanne. Thankfully, I was able to go through my ideas for the plot with Suzanne and she now understands what I envisioned.

So, there’s our progress report! We’ll try to keep you up to date on our progress!



One thought on “New developments!

  1. Isn’t it always exciting when we get big new ideas? I have a tendency to keep coming up with more good ideas, and therefore more storylines–which equals, in the end, new books, or entire series. Always ends up as the same thing in the end. More work! Just last night I had a fabulous idea for an idea I’ve had for a long time, and the result was the breaking of a series into two, one following the “predecessors” and then those who fulfilled the prophesy. “Tentatively” called the Dragonlords right now. Can’t wait to see more progress!

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