“Our Story” From My Point of View…


TechWriter_ImageLet me start off with a confession: I never wanted to be a writer. Sure, I wrote the occasional story–for instance, when my best friend broke her arm, I wrote that the reason she did that was because she was saving the world from the aliens that obviously invaded my 5th grade class–but that was just for fun. I was actually determined to say no when Suzanne asked me to help her write novels.

I should start from the beginning. (*sings* It’s a very good place to start!)

aliens-history-channel-guyradio-geeks-and-beats-podcast-ddutbncuSuzanne has always wanted to be a writer. ALWAYS. So she would write stories all the time. I looked up to her (not anymore, being that I’m several inches taller) and decided to try my hand at writing. I thought I was pretty rubbish at it and decided to hang up my writing hat at the age of seven. I did not stop coming up with stories, however. I loved making up imaginary friends *ahem* characters and having grand adventures with them at my desk in school.

JUL100366I have also really loved fairy tales, which is probably why my darling brother gave me an epic copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Christmas (You rock, Daniel!). So when Suzanne told me about her idea for a take on Sleeping Beauty, I was all for it and ready to offer advice whenever she needed it.

She started writing it, calling it The Pearl of Aireland. A couple of chapters in, she had an idea, connecting more than one fairy tale. We thought about the ones she should add to it (Snow White, Cinderella, etc.), but we had to cut the conversation short on account of my having to get ready for work.

At work, I got to listen to songs on my iPod (which was really, really nice) and I got to this one particular song that gave me a plot idea for her Snow White story. The song was “Midnight Well” performed by Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder (love them!). I must have listened to it about ten times as this plot developed in my mind. I must be honest, I could barely concentrate on whatever pastries I was busy making.

tumblr_static_writing450Once I got home, I completely forgot that I had a computer and hand-wrote about eleven pages of my basic plot idea. It took about three hours, but I was happy with my idea. Then I had to type it out and send it to Suzanne. She liked the idea, and then we went over and tweaked the finer points of it. Then she had the bright idea of combining forces and co-writing these books.

I was like, um, what? No thank you. Fortunately, she gave me time to think about it.

I think it was about a week later that I said yes to her proposition. Honestly, I’m still surprised that I said yes. That being said, I’m glad that I did. It has been and will be a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun as well. There are days that writing comes fairly easily to me, and other days…ugh.

?????Anyway, my saying yes put into motion what is now the Thíortha Chronicles, a ten-book long series. We will hopefully have our first book, Poisoned, ready for publication by October of this year.



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