New Year…New Beginnings



So I have never done New Year’s resolutions…until this year.

My dad encouraged Marie and I to make some goals this year, as a way to help us focus our energies on a few tasks instead of a hundred.  Now, I normally have a few pertinent goals for myself in my head all the time, but I think writing them down will help me keep them.  Posting them on this blog is another venue of accountability.  So, here are MY goals (although some are co-joined with Marie) for the year:

writing-end1. Finish Cursed.

Until a few weeks ago, Cursed was going to be the second book of our series.  However, a new character (who we are just DYING to tell you about some other time) showed up and started twisting things her way, so now she has her own book set between the events of Poisoned and Cursed.  However, since we are almost finished with the first draft of Cursed, it will be expedient for all if we just complete it before moving on to our attention-sucking new character and her book, Tuned.



2. Graduate college.

This shouldn’t be a problem. Now that I’m done with student teaching, I only have 10 credits left! Of course, I still have a senior recital to do…which means LOTS of practicing (and consequently little social interaction).



3. Blog regularly.

While Marie and I haven’t been very faithful at keeping up with our blog, we have decided to change that.  Our aim this year is to post four times a month: twice from me, and twice from her.



4. Publish Poisoned.

Recently, Marie and I have taken a hard look at Poisoned, our first novel together, and have decided that it is lacking in many areas and is in dire need of an overhaul for the third draft.  Though a hard bite to swallow, we know that Poisoned will emerge from the fire as a better book.  However, we also want to be published, so that means we will be cracking down hard to finish it in time for the October 15 deadline that we want to have it published on CreateSpace.

Well, that’s what has been going on with us.  Soon both of us will be out of school and able to devote more time to write, so hopefully we’ll have more book news for you soon!  Live long and prosper!



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