Hello World!


image (1)Hello world! I thought it would be good to introduce ourselves right off the bat, so Marie and I are going to do an introductory blog post about ourselves. Sounds kind of vain, doesn’t it?

My name is Suzanne Marsh. I’m a Christian, writer, musician, artist, jewelry maker, popcorn connoisseur, and likely the biggest geek you’ll ever meet.

“A geek,” you say. “But what kind?”

Glad you asked. In my junior high years (goodness, that makes me sound old), being called a “geek” was equivalent to the lower levels of uncool. Nowadays, people wear the term geek as a badge of honor. What changed? In my opinion, it was technology–people finally realized that the geeks will someday inherit the earth because they are the ones pulling the electronic strings. Either that, or they realized that really loving something–like a subject in school, a TV show, certain kinds of music–and wanting to share it with others was not bad.

So what kind of geek am I? Many, many kinds. In school, science was my favorite subject, especially physics and astronomy. I also enjoyed algebra and trigonometry, believe it or not. Among the English subjects, I loved literature, but grammar bored be. In short, I was that kid in school who broke the grade curve because I was obsessed with getting As. You know…that girl who sat in the front row that CONSTANTLY had her hand raised because a) she knew the answer and wanted to prove it, or b) had something to say that she considered life-shattering, or c) she was tattling on somebody else in the class, or d) the teacher made a mistake and she intended to correct it. Yup. That was me. Call me a show-off, a nerd, whatever–I already did my penance by not having many friends during my junior high and high school years.

In the non-academic realm, I’m a band geek to the extreme (I can play 11 instruments)–hence the reason that I chose to go with music education for college. AS you may have read on the “About us” page, I’m also into Star Wars (especially the originals), Star Trek, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Smallville, and the Avengers–and I sort of have a soft spot for anything involving superheroes.

By college, I had learned to curb my show-off tendencies a little, but that may be due to my introvert side kicking in as I went from a graduating class of two in my tiny Christian school to a freshman class of three hundred at my Christian college. Now I only have one more year there, and then I’m ready to be released into the big bad world as a music teacher. After that, who knows? I’ll go where God leads me, and I’m excited to see where I end up.

So, that’s a little bit about me. Live long and prosper, y’all. ~~Suzanne


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