Our Story


Once upon a dream…

Suzanne has dreamed of becoming a published author ever since junior high, when she sadly viewed the pitiful selection of sci-fi and fantasy books at her local library. That day, she vowed to write novels that would someday appear on that shelf. Goaded on by both doubters and encouragers, Suzanne wrote her first novel, a sci-fi adventure, finally finishing it when she was 18.

And the dream continues…

Instead of becoming disheartened when circumstances forced Suzanne to put that novel on hold, she started another novel, this time a play on a classic fairy tale. This second novel was much broader in scope, and soon expanded itself into a seven book series, encompassing several well-known fairy tales in its plot. However, she could not do it alone…

Sharing the dream…

Suzanne had been bouncing ideas off of her sister Marie for the past several years, but it finally occurred to her that her sister would make the ideal co-author. She brought Marie in on the writing project, and together they have written one novel, Poisoned. This is the first of what will be the Thíortha Chronicles, a thirteen book series playing off traditional fairy tales. Suzanne and Marie are currently editing the final draft of Poisoned and will be sending it out to agents and publishers as soon as it is ready.


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